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The Inclusion Team work with children, teachers, parents and agencies to ensure that our pupil’s needs are met.

You can contact us on: 0121 464 3248

 Head of School: Miss. J Harris
 Miss D Hollis - AHT / Inclusion Manager  Pam Gayle - SEND Intervention Teacher
 Chanelle Thomas - ADHD Lead  Clare Burns - Behavior Coordinator / ASC Lead
 Emma Roberts - SEND support  TBC - Attendance Development Officer


What happens if there is a concern about progress?

Concerns from Teacher/Parents about progress. We will meet and produce a plan of support in school.

Provision given. Input from teacher, pupil, parent and Inclusion Team.

If there are still concerns then the team will arrange for external agency support.


If school thinks your child needs extra support, we will always talk to you about this. 

Your child’s teacher will talk to you about the progress that has been made each term. We also operate an open door policy and you can make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher or the Inclusion Team at any point during the year.

If your child has individual targets, these will be discussed and reviewed regularly with you and your child.

The Oval School works with a lot of external agencies to help identify specific needs. These are:

  • Pupil and School Support
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • City of Birmingham School – emotional and behavioural needs
  • Communication and Autism Team (CAT)
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Sensory Support Team – physical, hearing and visual
  • School nurse
  • ADHD (Mental Health) Team


The Inclusion Team will make sure that all necessary school staff are aware of your child’s needs and worries.

If your child has been identified with extra educational needs, an Individual Teaching Plan (ITP) will be written with the teacher and shared with you and your child.

If your child has medical needs, a care plan will be written and shared with you.

All staff have access to a copy of these plans in the classroom. The plans identify how your child should be helped to succeed and make progress and any interventions that may be needed.

All of these plans will be reviewed on a regular basis.

If your child has more complex needs, then we may review your child’s progress and needs through a Team Around the Child review. This approach very much values the views of the child and the parents. Parents who have already been involved in such meetings, say they find them very useful.


Your child’s progress will be reviewed regularly and you will be invited into school to discuss the outcomes and  give your views . Your child’s views will also be listened to.

If your child has an Individual Teaching Plan and you move your child to another school, The Oval will share the information with the new school.

If your child is at Nursery School and is about to start in Reception here, we liaise with the nursery school to find out as much information as possible about your child’s needs. This will include any targets and paperwork or agencies which might have been involved in supporting your child.

When your child moves from Year 6 to secondary school, the team will ensure that all information regarding your pupil’s special educational needs are passed on to the new school. Extra visits to the secondary school may be arranged and  review meetings held.


Here are some comments from parents about the support their children have received...

You’ve really supported me and my child.
You have given me great strategies to use at home
Continue to do what you have already done, I have seen a great change in my sons behaviour


What if I have a complaint?

If you feel we can do more to help your child or have a complaint we suggest you follow our complaints procedure (which can be found here).   We ask you to speak to your child's class teacher first and if your issue cannot be resolved we welcome you to arrange a meeting with our SEND team on 0121 464 3248.